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About the KPI Compendium

The KPI Compendium is a concise, but comprehensive work that summarizes thousands of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) available on the platform. It provides professionals and practitioners with a powerful tool to weight together or to compare practical examples of KPIs coming from hundreds of business areas. One of the most important benefits that this Compendium brings is the abundance of options that will assist you in identifying and selecting the most relevant KPIs.

Usage of the KPI Compendium

The Compendium was designed to facilitate the identification and usage of KPIs in practice. Managers, consultants, researchers, academicians – now, they can all have a better access to the largest existing database of key performance indicators. The importance of these indicators in the decision making process turns this Compendium into an indispensable tool for both individuals and organizations.

The Structure

The work enlists the names of more than 20,000 KPIs. In front of each KPI name, a KPI number is listed so that those interested in a specific KPI can easily find further information by looking up the KPI number on the platform. The book structure mirrors the taxonomy available online, which can be described as follows:

1. The context level - with three areas: organizational, global and personal;
2. The group level - each area is divided into two groups, as it follows: the organizational context includes the
Functional Areas and the Industries; the global one includes Human Development Areas and Environmental
Sustainability; and the personal one, Personal Productivity Areas and Well-Being Domains;
3. The category level - each group covers hundreds of business fields, from widely popular ones such as Accounting, Government and Healthcare, to more specialized one such as Biodiversity, Sport Management and Personal Development;
4. The subcategory level - further on, each category has subdivisions, where related KPIs are clustered together, in order to offer direct readers from their general area of interest to the exact information they are looking for.

The Compendium represents the largest collection of KPIs in printed format and offers vital insight into weighting together and comparing practical examples of KPIs coming from hundreds of business areas. It enlists more than 20,000 KPIs thus offering a multitude of possibilities for selecting the perfectly relevant KPIs for your sector.

"I have referred to a report from for one of my assignments earlier and have found it very helpful."

Birju Sheth, India

"The materials are designed in a simple yet rich way."

Senior Performance Specialist, National Water Company, Saudi Arabia

"Great value taken from the content that could be easily applied to our organisation."

Head of Human Resources Business solutions, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar

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