Performance Management in 2013

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The report Performance Management in 2013 is the result of a qualitative research study conducted in the period September 2013 - January 2014, by The KPI Institute. The research study used both primary and secondary sources.


A total of 20 semi-structured interviews with practitioners, academics and consultants from all the continents were conducted via telephone and e-mail in October and November 2013. In order to create a broader image, practitioners from both public and private sector were interviewed. The rich insights received from professionals in the field created a detailed image on the state of Performance Management as a discipline.

Trends in Search

Thirty keywords belonging to the Performance Management field at all levels (strategic, operational and individual) were examined using Google AdWords and Google Trends. Average Monthly Searches from Google AdWords were used to create an overview upon the monthly average number of searches for each keyword in the last 12 months. The graphics provided by Google Trends were used to illustrate the ascendant or descendant tendencies of each keyword’s popularity.


Search was conducted on “Bestselling Books” and “Latest Published Books”. Ten relevant keywords were searched using Amazon, a relatively objective and reliable book rankings and sales database. The books were manually checked for relevance to the domain.

By harvesting information from the Performance Management field within the timeframe of one year, the “Performance Management in 2013” brings new data regarding education, keyword interest, salaries and software solution.

Out of the 20 featured interviews, representatives from organizations like the European Space Agency, the Saudi Telecom Company, or the Chilean Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications are among those that expressed their opinions regarding Performance Management.

Out of the 200 countries that had their legislation researched, 65 of them had implemented Performance Management frameworks within their central Government, 10 more countries than in 2012.

The highest salary of a Performance Manager has reached $275k, as opposed to $258k in 2012, and a Strategy Manager could earn as much as $262k, in 2013.
Microsoft is placed atop of the 2013 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence, building more on diagnostic analysis and interactive visualization. Tableau, soon to become the best solution on the market for years to come, is ranked as second best. 

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