Individual Performance Plan Key Templates

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The Individual Performance Plan Key Templates highlights and exemplifies components that are often considered as must-haves when designing an individual performance management plan - objectives, competencies and behaviors.

The pre-populated templates indicate how these key sections can be used in the implementation stage. All templates include both self-assessment and manager's assessment sections.

Templates List

Individual Performance (IP) Scorecard is a pre-populated template reflecting the objectives to which the employee contributes, the key performance indicators that can be used for tracking and accountability purposes, the targets agreed upon at the beginning of the performance review cycle, as well as the periodic and overall ratings and results. Objectives are grouped based on the Balanced Scorecard perspective, but can also be grouped based on the organization's strategic priorities.

Behaviors Commitment is a pre-populated template used to assess the extent to which the employee is exhibiting the behaviors encouraged in the organization, which are often a reflection of the organizational values.

Competencies ia a pre-populated template that provides a list of relevant competencies for a certain role, structured in a way that makes it easy to monitor, assess and compare the assessments of the employee, manager and peers at different times over the course of the performance review cycle. It can be used in identifying the competencies to work on developing.


  • Each template included in the toolkit is also accompanied by an example of how it can be used in practice, so that you can easily develop your customized documents based on our examples.
  • The templates are in Excel format so that adding data and making calculations can be easily done without affecting the integrity of the template.
  • Additional template customization support can be provided at cost by the team.


  • 3 pre-populated templates that form a set of essential tools for setting up and using an individual performance plan.
" provided a simple yet powerful
scorecard and dashboard model to start building
our own with our business intelligence tools."
"I was pleasantly surprised of the level of experience
and knowledge of the team. The toolkit
delivered was what I had anticipated to be."
Humberto E Della Torre, El Salvador Alex Giammona, Australia

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