Individual Performance Evaluation and Follow up Templates

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The Individual Performance Evaluation and Follow up Templates includes the key tools that will help managers, employees and human resource professional encourage and track follow up on the individual performance plan.

Follow up is a key driving force that keeps the individual performance management running and at the same time maximizing its results, which is why these templates are of special importance even to organization that already have an individual performance management system in place but are looking for ways to improve it.

Templates List

Informal Feedback Guide is a useful tool for managers as performance discussions with employees should take place regularly. The guide provides guidance on how to prepare and run a performance discussion, how to provide effective feedback and coaching, while also including agenda samples for such meetings.

Initiatives Portfolio is a pre-populated template to be used in tracking the initiatives of the employees in a structured manner, based on the strategic objectives that the initiative is addressing. It highlights the status of each initiative, the person responsible, budget allocated, start and end date and other similar data. The tool is especially helpful in cascading the strategic initiatives and objectives established at organizational and operational level to the employee level.

Development Plan is a pre-populated template structured based on the 70:20:10 framework for learning. It can provide a clear image of the competencies an employee has chosen to develop, the actions agreed upon at the beginning of the review cycle and the results achieved over the course of the performance review cycle.

Daily Log helps in organizing everyday activities and constantly monitoring the evolution of each one.

Individual Performance (IP) Evaluation - a single document which brings together all the elements that form the overall performance of an employee, helping managers and employees in recording ratings and comments for the different sections of the performance plan, especially at the end of each performance review cycle.

Performance Management Policy offers an example of how human resources professionals can state the company’s attitudes and rules towards performance, clarifying roles and expectations.

Rewards and Recognition Policy is an example that can be used as a reference for how to structure a policy for specific rewards and recognition programs.

Training Policy is an example of a policy especially useful in communicating to the employees the types of opportunities for professional learning and development available in the organization and the associated rules and expectations.


  • Each template included in the toolkit is also accompanied by an example of how it can be used in practice, so that you can easily develop your customized documents based on our examples.
  • Most of the templates are in Excel format so that adding data and making calculations can be easily done without affecting the integrity of the template.
  • Additional template customization support can be provided at cost by the team.


  • A set of tools for encouraging and supporting follow up in the individual performance management process.
  • 3 pre-populated and customizable templates (editable).
  • 1 guide and 3 policy examples (editable) that are extremely relevant in ensuring that the desired states of performance and development are achieved through regular follow.
" provided a simple yet powerful
scorecard and dashboard model to start building
our own with our business intelligence tools."
"I was pleasantly surprised of the level of experience
and knowledge of the team. The toolkit
delivered was what I had anticipated to be."
Humberto E Della Torre, El Salvador Alex Giammona, Australia

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