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This training course will provide a wide understanding of team management strategies, by revealing the steps that should be followed by leaders and managers who seek to reach performance within their teams.
You will understand how a team functions and how its members can become determined to work together and achieve the same purpose: organizational performance.

3 Key business benefits

  • Increase your team’s engagement for the business, by promoting unity and mutual support;
  • Ensure efficient task delegation through clearer team’s role and goals setting;
  • Nurture a performance culture within your organization, by building teams that are oriented towards common organizational goals.

5 Benefits

  • Determine the existing fit between the current teams within your organization;
  • Avoid conflicts by anticipating them through a rigorous analysis;; 
  • Reinforce your team management by using positive appraisal and by focusing on the existing strong aspects;  
  • Identify difficult group dynamics and avoid conflicts;
  • Develop an effective communication based on constructive feedback within the teams.

Learning objectives

  • Comprehend how teamwork affects your business;
  • Analyze a team fusion process;;  
  • Identify and work with the strengths and weaknesses of a team; 
  • Explore a team’s full potential and capacity;
  • Adapt your management style to team members and goals;
  • Learn how to match people and tasks for a structured, effective distribution of workload.


The Learning Assessment Quiz will take place at the end of the second day of training.

 Day 1 – Introduction to team management

 The context of team manangement

  • Team management within the organization;
  • Importance of team management;
  • Team work encouragement.

 The role of Team Management

  • Activity: Identify your team's potential for performance and collaboration;
  • Performant teams within the organization;
  • Difference between leadership and team management.

 Team management skill set

  • Synchronize priorities across the teams;
  • Activity: Create the profile of a successful team manager;
  • Team performance measurement tools.

 Team management outcomes

  • Team performance and results evaluation;
  • Difference between performant teams and functional teams;
  • Activity: Identify key outcomes that can only be delivered within a team context


 Day 2 – Implementing team management

 Building the team

  • Efficient communication;
  • Responsibilities within a team;
  • Activity: Identify the characteristics of a performant team;

 Reaching a performant team

  • Activity: Practice various feedback techniques;
  • Leadership typologies;
  • Resolution of team conflicts.

 Maintaining a performant team

  • Activity: Determine successful teambuilding activities;
  • Motivation factors and activities for teams;
  • Changes within the team.

 Team management performance review 

  • Team performance review vs. team management review;
  • Review frequency;
  • Decision making and need improvements.

 Review and Learning assessment quiz 

  • Course review;
  • 10 takeaways to apply in your organization;
  • Learning assessment quiz;
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