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Performance Magazine brings forth indispensable information regarding the necessities entailed by a Performance Management System. It centers on interviews, articles, reviews, and news, in its mission to provide an exhaustive collection of data relevant for the present state of the Performance Management discipline.

In our 8th issue of PERFORMANCE Magazine, we explore the professional development path of Fabian Mora, Director at Lighthouse PM Consulting, Costa Rica. Our portrait highlights some of the more important elements within Performance Management, which Fabian considers can truly make or break a business.

Some of our featured interviews come from:

  • Mohamed Zairi, CEO/Executive Chairman at Excellence Tetralogy/European Centre for Best Practice Management and Zairi Institute, United Kingdom;
  • Rahma Himid, Founder & CEO/Regional Director at Grace & Garbo PR Consultants/BGIA, United Arab Emirates;
  • Ali Khursheed Ahmad, Group Performance Manager at FHG, Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, get a glimpse into the future of employee performance management, find out what is discovery driven planning and how HR is conducted at Google, Apple and Statoil. Recommendations in this edition focus on business planning, data analysis and enhancing communication within your company.

  • Category: Research reports
  • Publication date: May, 2017
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  • Pages: 78

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Cover Story

Top 5 cities with te best quality of life in the world


  • Mohamed Zairi
  • Marwan Mohammed Malibari
  • Paul Moroney
  • Rahma Himid
  • Ahmad Haji
  • Ali Khursheed Ahmad
  • Hosni Mahjoub


Fabián Mora. Planning, Measurement and a never-ending thirst for Improvement

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The revolutionary blueprint of post-oil Saudi Arabia

The state of Texas. Fostering transparency government performance.

Vietnam. A story about ambition and growth performance


  • Performance Improvement
  • Individual Performance
  • Organizational Performance
  • Strategy and Business Planning

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