Performance Magazine: Printed Edition - December 2016

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Performance Magazine offers its readers the knowledge they need to understand Performance Management and its constituents. Focusing on interviews, articles, reviews, and news, its mission is to provide a collection of data that showcases the present state of the Performance Management discipline. The magazine addresses the needs of professionals and practitioners in all industries, who seek to continuously improve themselves and their businesses.

December’s Performance Magazine takes its readers on a journey into the professional and personal life of Gary Cokins, an internationally recognized expert, speaker and author in advanced cost management and performance improvement systems, with over 40 years of professional experience and the founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC. Some of our featured interviews come from Mahmoud Mansi, Founder of HR Revolution Middle East in Egypt, Monica R. Allen, Director of Strategic Planning and Evaluation at the Mecklenburg County Government, USA, and Lim Kah Cheng, Chief Corporate Services at the Human Resources Development Fund, Malaysia. Furthermore, find out how to perform an Employee Performance Review, how we can ensure our KPIs are aligned to the strategy, what is social listening and why it matters, and how you can bring meaningful & long-lasting change in your company. Recommendations in this edition focus on connectivity, improving team communication and productivity-related software, among others.

  • Category: Research reports
  • Publication date: December, 2016
  • File format: PDF
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  • Pages: 76

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  • Sattar Bawany
  • Michael J. Sutton
  • Dean Spitzer
  • Monica R. Allen
  • Mahmoud Mansi
  • Lim Kah Cheng


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  • Individual Performance
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  • Operational Performance
  • Operational Performance
  • Performance Improvement
  • Strategy




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Organizational Development, Zeler & Company, Greece

"It was very useful, it added more value to my knowledge and it will enhance my career."

Organisational Development Specialist, Bank of Cairo, Egypt

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