Killing your annual performance review… Really? 2016 SEA Edition

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Summary outline of the webinar

Many companies are re-evaluating their performance appraisal system. Why do they decide to drop the traditional practices? Whilst focusing on continuous feedback to individual employees, we think that there is a missing link between corporate goal alignment and performance appraisal. Identify what works for your organisation by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the old-school and new performance management practices through this webinar.

Main topics covered

• Key insights in employee performance management driven from 1000+ professionals
• Key factors to consider for choosing the right employee performance management solution
• Readiness for performance management change: Organisation culture and maturity
• Gamification tactics for buy-in and engagement
• Managers’ people skills: Feedback, Coaching and Development plans

Key Learning Points

• Explore the emerging trends of performance management system;
• Key factors to consider the best performance management solution for your organsation;
• Understand the underlying issues of traditional performance management system;
• Discover how gamification of performance management help improve organization performance;
• Role of managers in enhancing a sustainable employee performance.

Technical info (online streaming format)

FLV(Flash Video)



"Many thanks for an insightful webinar, I found it most engaging. I look forward to hearing for the future presentations."

Head of Reporting and Analytics, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Switzerland

“It was interesting because some ideas were new to me. It was also a well-structured presentation with good explanations for the subject matter.”

IT Consultant, Automatic Data Processing, United Arab Emirates

“Excellent content of the presentation. All the main aspects were presented in a clear and specific manner. Thank you!”

HR Manager, Bank4you, Ukraine

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