Change Management

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This course will provide you with a change management model, by featuring effective business approaches that executives and managers can use to help their organizations quickly and efficiently adapt to changes.

You will discover methods of helping your employees adapt to major market changes and events while also adjusting your organization’s business models.

3 Key business benefits

  • Decrease your company’s resistance to change and speed up its adaptation time frame;
  • Ensure all changes are processed in a standardized manner, through a structured change management system;
  • Nurture a secure business environment, despite both internal and external change factors.

5 Benefits

  • Adopt an agile approach oriented towards a successful change management;
  • Thrive in a dynamic market, by understanding the impact of change before it emerges;
  • Reinforce your change management system by determining both the available resources and the needs within your organization;
  • Acquire a structured and logic approach to change management;
  • Deal with change across your organization in an effective manner, by applying key communication techniques.

Learning objectives

  • Understand how rapid changes affect your business;  
  • Analyze the positive aspects of change,  before  engaging in change management;  
  • Comprehend how to work with strengths and weaknesses regarding change management in your organization; 
  • Explore the implementation phases of change management;
  • Practice strategies for handling complaints and resistance during rapid change.

 Day 1 – Nurturing performance culture through the work environment

 Change management in the business context

  • Impact of change inside and outside the organization
  • Resistance to change
  • Innovation culture

 Elements within a Change Management system

  • Activity: Differentiate between change, innovation and regression;
  • Change management governance;
  • Change management concerned areas and parties.

 Building a working environment to sustain Change management

  • Priorities synchronization within different teams;
  • Activity: Develop motivating strategies for employees during rapid changes;
  • Presentation and communication of change towards employees.

 Lead for performance through Change Management

  • Benefits of adapting to rapid changes;
  • Obstacles in having lean change processes;
  • Activity: Identify key support elements in change management.


 Day 2 – Change Management implementation

 Resources of a Change management systemt

  • Evaluation of an organizations’  tendencies  and  readiness/ intent to change;
  • Responsibilities in a context of change;
  • Activity: Create a list of top 5 must have resources in change management.

 Developing an engaging Change Management system

  • Activity: Establish rewards and recognition methods for top performers in conditions of change;
  • Perspective of evolution instead of change;
  • Change management in terms of costs and gains.

 On-going Change Management

  • Activity: Differentiate between major changes and updates;
  • Change as a stage, rather than a long time process;
  • Resistance to change: prevention vs combat.

 Change management process flow review 

  • Review frequency;
  • Updates implementation. Implement updates

 Review & Learning assessment quiz 

  • Course review;
  • Learning assessment quiz.


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