Certificate in Living Business Models

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Many organisations struggle to connect their strategic plans and initiatives to the likely financial and other performance outcomes. This course will show you how to use a set of comprehensive, practical and reliable frameworks that capture how the business system works as a functioning ‘machine’ to deliver performance.

The first challenge that management faces is to design a system that it is capable of strong performance - then manage that system through time so it actually performs well - through the continual stream of decisions made in every department and team. This course will show you how to use a set of comprehensive, practical, and reliable frameworks that capture how the business system works as a functioning ‘machine’ to deliver performance.

Key business benefits

  • Give your top teams a whole new insight into how your enterprise works, through the inter-relationships between all of its parts;
  • Radically improve the impact, quality and confidence of advice and analysis you give to clients and senior teams with methods and tools that capture enterprise performance with rigor and reliability;
  • Raise the reliability and impact of KPI-systems and Balanced Scorecards by giving them the rock-solid foundation of a working model that ‘lives’ with the business as it changes over time.

Skills Acquired

  • Translate high-level strategic plans into practical, timephased action plans;
  • Gain a leading-edge skill in fast, effective business analysis that is in increasing demand;
  • Understand how to model the inter-dependencies between management’s choices, the business system they affect, and the resulting performance outcomes.

Learning objectives

  • Understand how all performance outcomes reflect success in building and sustaining critical resources – customers, staff, products, capacity, cash and the many intangibles involved;
  • Learn how to quantify, model and simulate the relationships between these elements and performance outcomes (with easy-to-use software);
  • Understand, experience and model how resources develop through stages, and how rivalry with competitors works to drive performance;
  • See how to use living business models to test scenarios and alternative policies, and to share those insights with others.

Day 1

Session 1

  • Modeling long-term plans or short-term issues – and tackling aims for the whole organization or specific functions;
  • Recognising that the critical task is to improving performance continually as time passes;
  • Choosing the correct focus from different types of performance outcome measures

Session 2

  • Understanding how current performance is driven by simple relationships between easily recognisable resources in the business;
  • Capturing the impact on that current performance arising from short-term decisions and external factors such as competition or the economy.

Session 3

  • Seeing the critical long-term importance of building and sustaining those tangible resources, and how this is where high-quality, integrated decision-making has a truly strategic impact.

Session 4

  • Integrating the growth and interdependence among business resources into a working, quantified model that accurately reflects your organisation’s performance – both historically and into the future.

Day 2:

Session 5

  • Understanding how resources carry important ‘qualities’ – customer-value, staff experience, product appeal, asset reliability, and so on – that strongly affect performance;
  • Modeling how management choices can achieve valuable improvements to these factors.

Session 6

  • Modeling the pipelines through which resources develop – customer awareness, capture and loyalty; staff seniority; product development;
  • Understanding the very long-term impact these processes can have, and how to manage them for sustained, strong performance.

Session 7

  • Recognising and modeling the three standard competition mechanisms – fighting for emerging customers, protecting and stealing established customers, and struggling for share of sales to nonexclusive customers;
  • Seeing how competition can also arise for staff and other critical assets;
  • Using these frameworks to choose high impact competitive actions.

Session 8

  • Raising and sustaining powerful intangible factors – reputation, staff-motivation, product/service performance and so on;
  • Modeling their impact on how the business system works, and using that understand

Kim Warren

Strategy and Business Modelling

Kim is an experienced strategy professional, teacher and writer.

After 15 years in senior strategy roles in the petrochemicals, brewing, hotels and leisure industries, Kim joined the faculty at London Business School, to teach on MBA and Executive programs.

Realising serious limitations with the strategy methods available, he developed the powerful strategy dynamics frameworks.

Kim’s strategy dynamics work over many years has spanned business cases in most industries and regions of the world, assisting with both continuing plans and one-off challenges. Most recently, the method has proved to be transferable to non-business domains, including International Aid and the provision of elderly-care capacity. The approach is also providing a reliable platform for building confidence and raising finance for early-stage ventures.

Kim is author of the prize-winning Competitive Strategy Dynamics (Wiley, 2002), a major strategy textbook Strategic Management Dynamics (Wiley, 2008), and summary e-book now widely used in MBA and executive teaching – Strategy Dynamics Essentials (Kindle, 2011). He is also cofounder of Strategy Dynamics Ltd, which publishes “serious games” and other dynamics-related learning material for management, and the user friendly modelling application, Sysdea

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