Winning with KPIs: Optimizing PMS Implementations

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Summary outline of the webinar

In today’s rough economies and fast moving world, the need for a dynamic system for improving performance is being critical for organizational development and success. Moreover, latest trends in Performance Management illustrate a common need for integrated and well-structured systems aiming to execute strategies starting at the macro level up until micro individual level.

During the webinar, we will address the role of KPIs in designing a rigorous Performance Management System (PMS) to ensure an optimized implementation across all organizational levels.

Main topics covered

  • PMS benefits
  • PMS components and implementation steps
  • KPI related pitfalls in PMS implementation
  • Action plan for PMS optimization

Key Learning Points

  • Acknowledge the value added by Performance Management Systems within organizations;
  • Understand how to integrate PMS associated tools in a rigorous and sustainable structure;
  • Learn how to deploy a PMS according to the best practices in the field.

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