Understanding the components of the Balanced Scorecard System

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Summary outline of the webinar

The webinar features main components of a Balanced Scorecard System: Desired State of Evolution, Strategy Map, Performance Scorecard, Dashboard, and Portfolio of Initiatives. This webinar addresses a key challenge, confronted by organizations worldwide: how to translate the organizational strategy into a functional system that improves overall performance, while also measuring it more accurately.

Main topics covered

  • Balanced Scorecard System Architecture;
  • Performance Scorecard Design;
  • Strategic objectives formulation;
  • KPIs as performance management enablers.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the Balanced Scorecard System’s main components;
  • Discover the link between different tools: Desired State of Evolution, Strategy Map, Performance scorecard, Dashboard and Portfolio of Initiatives;
  • Learn how to achieve excellence in strategy execution by using the Balanced Scorecard System;
  • Identify and address initiatives to improve organizational performance.

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