Getting started with Data Analysis

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Summary outline of the webinar

Benchmarking enhances innovation by analyzing best practices and improving processes, both of which are actions that support learning from industry leaders. As it is crucial to identify how other organizations achieve better results and sustain their innovation processes, benchmarking is seen, thus, as a key tool for performance improvement.

The webinar brings forth unique insights into ways of enhancing performance and driving innovation within an organization, by adopting benchmarking as a core strategic tool.

Main topics covered

  • Benchmarking insights;
  • Overview on the connection between benchmarking and innovation, as key organizational capabilities;
  • Benchmarking methodology;
  • Essential components of the organizational innovation capability;
  • Benchmarking practices as innovation drivers.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the contribution of benchmarking in the organizational innovation system;
  • Determine key processes to focus on when performing benchmarking;
  • Understand the benchmarking methodology for performance improvement;
  • Learn how to assess benchmarking practices that drive innovation; 

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