Essential supplier performance tools and techniques

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Summary outline of the webinar

Organizations are becoming increasingly more reliant on suppliers. The effort put into attaining higher performance levels ensures higher importance given to strategic partnerships and Supplier Relationship Management (SMR). This webinar presents the main tools and techniques that can be implemented in each step of an SRM process. Participants can learn how to identify the key elements of defining the necessary tools, in addition to efficiently developing them according to their needs, as a prerequisite for improved performance in SRM.

Main topics covered

  • Benefits of implementing a Supplier Performance Management System;
  • Supplier performance tools and techniques overview;
  • Life cycle purchase as the foundation of a SRM system implementation;
  • From supplier selection techniques to business development;
  • Segmentation models as a SRM strategic approach;
  • Risk Management in SRM;
  • Evaluation tools as performance drivers in SRM.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify essential tools for framing, monitoring, and improving supplier performance;
  • Learn how to address supplier selection challenges;
  • Understand the connection between each level of the purchasing life cycle, and supplier performance;
  • Understand the elements of SRM at each level of the purchasing activity;
  • Get valuable insights on how to implement and manage a supplier performance management system.

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