Employee Performance Management

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Summary outline of the webinar

The Employee Performance Management webinar provides understanding on the fundamental components, key tools and techniques available for developing an efficient workforce, leading to a successful business.

Having a structured approach towards employee performance is a huge milestone for the organization, as employees are the ones holding the full potential of a business. An Employee Performance Management System represents the factor, which can differentiate a great company from a good one.

Main topics covered

  • The importance of the Employee Performance Management System in the organizational context;
  • Components of the Employee Performance Management System;
  • Implementation stages of the Employee Performance Management System;
  • Performance alignment – from strategic to employee level;
  • Gamification as a source for employee performance improvement.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the benefits of investing resources in an effective Employee Performance Management System;
  • Identify existing and missing elements of your current Employee Performance Management System;
  • Comprehend the implementation process of an Employee Performance Management System;
  • Assimilate methods for cascading performance from organizational to employee level;
  • Discover the techniques that you can use to enhance your employees’ performance.

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