Benchmarking Practices

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Summary outline of the webinar

The benchmarking edge is reflected in the identification of key processes that lead to superior performance, followed by an analysis of the best in-class practices. This webinar dispenses a unique overview of 5 exclusive benchmarking examples from practice, all belonging to various industries. It aims to support organizations through its valuable insights into identifying and implementing the best practices for performance improvement.

Main topics covered

  • Benefits of learning from benchmarking best practices;
  • Overview of worldwide benchmarking best practices;
  • Benchmarking examples from industries: IT, airlines, automotive, hospitality and healthcare;

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the benefits of benchmarking best practices;
  •  Learn the benchmarking techniques used in the examples presented;
  •  Understand benchmarking in a wide range of industries;
  •  Get an insight into benchmarking applicability.

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