Top 25 State Government KPIs of 2010

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As public service organizations at central administration level provide the structural framework for managing a state’s affairs, accountability to citizens is of primary concern. The use of KPIs for tracking and improving performance is today a must for guiding the journey to improving the quality of administrative and economic activities.

The Top 25 State Government KPIs of 2010 report is a comprehensive analysis on the most popular KPIs for State Government in 2010, selected based on the number of views received from the community.

About State Government

The State / Federal Government sector includes the exercise of public policy or authority over a state or federal political unit. State public administration includes activities of a governmental nature, such as enactment and judicial interpretation of laws and their pursuant regulation, as well as the administration of programs based on public policy, through legislative activities, taxation, public safety and order, immigration services, foreign affairs and the administration of government programs and departments. KPIs are used to monitor
the quality of state administration, through its interventions in the core social-economic areas mentioned above.

Highlights from the report

Top 25 State Government KPIs of 2010 offers an overview of the most popular KPIs in State Government by combining input from the community with research and analysis from the editorial team. Some of the main sections are:

  • "KPIs ... Naturally", an article that sets the context through a discussion on what is old and what is new in the use of KPIs;
  • An introduction to the custom KPI documentation form developed by the research team for documenting KPIs (with over 30 fields of data, making this the most thorough KPI documentation template in use today);
  • A list with the names of the Top 25 State Government KPI examples in 2010 on, followed by a brief analysis of each;
  • Among the most popular 25 KPI examples for the State Government industry in 2010, top 3 is made of:
    • % Government basic services available online
    • $ Gross national product per capita
    • % Online public procurement
  • A detailed description of each KPI listed in the report, as documented in smartKPIs Premium (the premium content section of;
  • Comprehensive insights on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as performance measurement tools and a glossary explaining the most popular terms characterizing KPIs.

Offers valuable insight into the top 25 KPIs of 2010 which are necessary for assessing and optimizing performance if you want to excel in the State Government sector.

The top five KPIs are:

% Government basic services available online,

$ Gross National Product (GNP) per capita

% Online public procurement

# Food production per capita

# Highway network length.

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  • Publication date: November 1, 2011
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Table of contents

  • Executive Summary
  • About Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • KPIs ... Naturally
  • Community Profile
  • 2010 Functional Areas Taxonomy
  • 2010 Industries Taxonomy
  • KPI Documentation form Explained
  • Top 25 State Government KPIs of 2010 Countdown Analysis
  • Top 25 State Government KPIs of 2010 List
  • Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
  • Appendix B: Related Reports
  • Appendix C: About eab group
  • Appendix D: eab group Services
  • Appendix E: eab group Online Portfolio

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Raw Materials Sales Manager, Arabian Agricultural Services Company, Saudi Arabia

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