Top 25 Project Management KPIs - 2016 Extended Edition

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The Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended Edition report compiles the most popular 25 KPIs used in project management throughout 2009 and 2015. One of the most important benefits that this report brings is an international perspective on the most popular project management KPIs. They provide quantifiable measurement of the main components that lead to an effective planning and execution of projects.

The Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended Edition provides a complete hands-on experience in working with KPIs as it contains not only 2 pages of detailed documentation for each KPI, but also interesting articles on best practices in terms of KPI selection and documentation. 

By emphasizing the use of KPIs today, the Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended Edition is a valuable resource for any professional looking to refresh an existing performance measurement system or to promote the use of KPIs in project planning and execution. The report is meant to provide the reader with the following: 

Unique insights into the community profile as per country breakdown, organization size, industry affiliation, job title, managerial role, and performance related job titles.

A new and enhanced design for the KPI Documentation Form that reveals an unparalleled two pages’ format:

The Top 25 Project Management KPIs list not only itemizes the Top 25 Project Management KPIs on, as per the popularity of the selected indicators on the online community platform, but also provides comprehensive insight into project management overall.

A new and improved collection of the most popular project management KPIs on, the Top 25 Project Management KPIs-2016 Extended Edition introduces a distinctive, unprecedented design of the KPI Documentation Form. Specifically developed to take the reader one step closer to an efficient KPI monitoring and reporting process, the Top 25 Project Management KPIs -2016 Extended Edition makes for a valuable addition to any KPI Library used by professionals involved with project management in their respective line of work.

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  • Publication date: June 2017
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  • Pages: 106

Table of contents

Section I

  • How to Use This Report
  • Report Structure
  • Report Highlights

Section II

  • About The KPI Institute
  • Community Profile
  • 2016 Functional Areas Taxonomy
  • 2016 Industries Taxonomy

Section III

  • KPI…Naturally
  • About Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Advice on KPI Selection
  • KPI Documentation Guidelines
  • Target Setting: From Theory to Practice
  • Data Gathering Dimensions
  • Enhancing Performance Data Through Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • KPI Reporting

Section IV

  • Project Management Functional Area
  • Top 25 Project Management KPIs of 2009-2015
  • Template description: page1
  • Template description: page2

Section V

  • Appendix A: Related Reports
  • Appendix B: Reference Collection of Books
  • Appendix C: Performance Management Toolkits
  • Appendix D: Performance Magazine
  • Appendix E: Memberships
  • Appendix F: Subscriptions
  • Appendix G: Training Courses
  • Appendix H: Advisory Services
  • Appendix I: Software
  • Appendix J: Glossary of Terms

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