The role of training & development in PM Systems

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Summary outline of the webinar

In today’s fast paced world, maintaining the status quo or relying on organic growth is not an option for most organizations. Leaders are continuously looking for ways to execute business strategies and deliver breakthrough performance using any of the contemporary performance management systems. 

One common factor that we see in this context is the role of training and continued professional education in accelerating organizational growth. 

This webinar aims to emphasize the importance of training & development in a performance management system, as well as to clarify the fact that T&D are integral parts of any well-designed PM system, at both the strategic and operational level. 

Main topics covered

  • Co-relations between business strategy, performance management and training & development. 
  • Key components of a well-designed PM system 
  • Market Practice – Popular Performance Management Systems 
  • Benefits of a well-designed PM system 
  • Benefits of training employees on PM systems 
  • Typical reasons for training & developing employees 
  • General performance management training topics 
  • Risk management through training development within HRM scope 
  • The Learning Pyramid
  • Key decisions 

Key Learning Points

  • Learn and identify co-relations between business strategy, EPM and training & development 
  • Take a holistic view of the importance of training & development within the context of performance management 
  • Learn about some of the key components of a PM system 
  • Understand the risks associated with either non-existence of or ineffective training & development in a PM system 

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