Real-life practices in designing Performance Management Systems

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Summary outline of the webinar

This webinar will provide the audience with valuable insights into the way performance management systems are put into practice within organizations. By using KPIs and exploiting their added value, companies can design a more solid and efficient performance management framework that will be embraced by all the members of the organization.

The key focus of the webinar will be to reveal and analyze those unique Performance Management Systems exclusively built on KPIs, presenting the step-by-step process that originates from the strategic objectives that an organization has set forth for achievement.

Main topics covered

  • The role of KPIs in shaping Performance Measurement Systems;
  • Essential performance measurement tools built on KPIs;
  • Best practices in designing a Performance Measurement System.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify the role of KPIs and their contribution to shaping performance measurement systems;
  • Learn how to measure performance in a structured manner by making use of the right performance measurement tools;
  • Discover best practices in approaching KPIs with real-world examples.

Technical info (online streaming format)

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