Supplier Performance System Implementation

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Implementing a robust supplier performance management framework suppose to tackle the client - supplier relationship in its entire complexity.

The first step to take is to stop seeing your suppliers as companies to work on based on a contract. In order to unleash the full potential of cooperation with their suppliers, most advanced organizations focus on long term development partnerships, with clear performance expectations and strategic goals set for their alliances.

The KPI institute apporach is following the latest trends in supplier development and place common peformance above individual parties interests. This way, we are creating a framework with clear processes and instruments to set performance expectations, to define common growth strategies, to measure results and facilitate single graound decisions reflecting both parties interests in an objective manner.

1. Setting project requirements (Documentation, timeline, resources involved)

2. Analysis of client internal documentation

3. Performance instruments development

4. On-site workshops with mixed teams from supplier and client (KPIs selection, Scorecards and Dashboards development; Performance evaluation - process simulation)

5. Pefromance toolkits deployment

6. Post-implementation support

• Supplier Performance strategy plan

• Supplier selection and performance criteria checklist

• Supplier Segmentation framework

• Supplier Contract Management matrix

• Supplier Scorecard and Dashboard

• Supplier evaluation template

• Risk interventions plan

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