State of Organizational Innovation Audit

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Innovation represents the key to an organization’s growth of output and productivity and a prerequisite for an organization to survive and remain competitive on the market.

The State of Organizational Innovation Audit seeks to determine the maturity of your organization’s innovation system, looking at internal processes and practices and determining strengths, weaknesses and the best way to improve your innovation performance.

The Innovation Audit is a comprehensive advisory service meant to provide an objective assessment of the innovation capability within an entity (organization, division, department or team). The audit offers insights into the client’s processes, instruments and policies by comparing them with best practices in innovation.

1. Express interest for the service

2. Audit kick-off meeting between The KPI Institute and the client

3.1 Receive the Guide and online questionnaire

3.2 Submit client internal documentation

4.1 Complete online questionnaire

4.2 Analyze internal documentation

5. Conduct interviews with client's stakeholders

6. Deliver the Audit Report

7. Meeting to present the Audit Report 

Length of delivery: 6 months

Location: On/Off site

- State of Organizational Innovation Audit Report;

- Workshop;

- Action plan template.

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