Smart Work Performance Management Systems based on KPIs

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Summary outline of the webinar

IIn today’s organizational context, we oftentimes have the tendency to nurture the glorification of being busy. Busy with never-ending meetings, tasks and oftentimes late with collecting, processing and reporting data, late with deadlines and ultimately, late with performance discussions.

Applying a smart approach to the workplace implies a deep understanding of how a Performance Management System (PMS) works. Call it either Performance, Excellence, Success or whatever you may desire.

For example, let’s name it Success Management System! What matters is it primarily leads to improvement, up to the level you’d like to reach. Therefore, you end up focusing on what matters.

By having such a system in place, your organization will be busy with the things that matter most. Why? Because of the KPIs that build up its strong foundation.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide insights into how to design and implement a Performance Management System based on KPIs. Oh, sorry! … a Success Management System.

Main topics covered

• PMS Building blocks
• PMS Implementation plan + insight into the main activities
• Stakeholders, Responsibility and Governance
• Successful conditions (or best practices) in operating a PMS based on KPIs

Key Learning Points

• How to focus resources and guide the decision-making process to what matters most
• Understand the overall image of a PMS
• How not to fail in a PMS Implementation

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