Real Estate Transactions Dashboard

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The Real Estate Transactions Dashboard is a ready-to-use instrument for managing and measuring performance of Real Estate Agency Transactions. The tool contains a repository of the most relevant and widely spread KPIs in the Real Estate Transactions industry.

Real Estate Transactions Dashboard components

  • Dashboard - represents a repository of the most relevant KPIs used by the real estate agency for managing and measuring its transactions.

  • Data repository - contains accurate data collected in order to generate performance results on the main page of the Dashboard, with the most recent targets and progress on performance.

  • KPI catalogue - contains a detailed list of the real estate KPIs monitored in the Dashboard - from KPI name to definition, subordinate measures, calculation formula, etc.

  • KPI description - is a documentation file for each KPI, that supports an accurate and standard identification of the KPI, making it specific and inteligible for everyone using it.

Why use the Real Estate Transactions Dashboard

  • Monitoring performance results, creating a linkage between KPIs and performance reports;
  • Generating tactical actions based on the most relevant real estate KPIs;
  • Linking tactical actions with performance results.

Customizing the Real Estate Transaction Dashboard

  • While pre-populated with KPIs and other relevant data, the templates can be customized for the specific needs of the organization;
  • Renaming, adding new data into the spreadsheets and changing templates' design can be easily done without affecting the integrity of the template;
  • A Real Estate Transactions Dashboard Administrator Guide is included with each purchase, making templates' customization an easy process;
  • Template customization support is provided by at cost by the team.


Buy now the Real Estate Transactions Dashboard and benefit of this valuable resource immediately by downloading it electronically upon checkout!

Complementing this template, the KPIs for Real Estate Transactions Dashboard companion product, presents in a report format all the KPIs listed in it, with content exported from the smartKPIs Premium section of the website.

  • Product ID: sK0116061
  • Category: Performance Dashboard
  • Formats: Microsoft Office Excel and Word 2007
  • Download size: 0.6 MB
  • Files: 2
  • Publication date: 1 March 2011


  • A ready-to-use tool used for managing and measuring performance of the Real Estate Agency;
  • The template is filled in with relevant data, its use requiring limited effort for adaptating to the agency's specific needs;
  • A complete KPI documentation model to be used for all KPIs that populate the Real Estate Transactions Dashboard;
  • Optimal performance data vizualization, using traffic lights and other visual aids.
" provided a simple yet powerful
scorecard and dashboard model to start building
our own with our business intelligence tools."
"I was pleasantly surprised of the level of experience
and knowledge of the team. The toolkit
delivered was what I had anticipated to be."
Humberto E Della Torre, El Salvador Alex Giammona, Australia

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