Performance Management System Implementation

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This advisory service is a complex project that will enable professionals to transform their current system and develop a state of art Performance Management Architecture that not only looks good on paper, but also delivers added value for the business.

The project is focused on developing or reviewing key tools like strategy maps, scorecards, dashboards, the use of KPIs within the entity and essential processes like selecting, documenting, gathering data and reporting KPIs. The framework developed will ensure a better structure of the system and clear governance and accountability.

To deploy this consultancy service in the most effective manner, it usually relies on off-site analysis of key internal documents to better understand the current state of the system, training or awareness sessions with main stakeholders to develop the internal capability to manage performance and gain support from all parties involved, on-site workshop facilitation to develop key tools and refine the architecture.

A complete guidance to shape the Performance Management Architecture will include the system’s integration at all organizational levels: strategic, operational and individual (employee level). However, based on the client’s needs assistance can be offered only at the level where it is necessary.

1. Express interest

2. Kick-off/opening meeting

3. Module I - Organizational Performance Management Architecture

4. Module II - Operational Performance Management Architecture

5. Module III - Employee Performance Management Architecture

6. Closing meeting

Strategic and Operational levels (modules I and II):

• Training / Awareness sessions educational materials (course slide, additional reading/viewing materials);

• Performance Management Architecture System Map;

• Strategy Map; • Performance Scorecard;

• Performance Dashboard;

• KPI Documentation Form;

• KPI Catalogue;

• Portfolio of Initiatives;

• Performance Management Manual;

Employee level (module III):

• Training / Awareness sessions educational materials (course slide, additional reading/viewing materials);

• Individual Performance Management Architecture System Map;

• Job Description template;

• Career Path template;

• Employee Performance Scorecard;

• Competencies Evaluation Sheet;

• Behaviors Evaluation Sheet;

• Development Plan template;

• Employee Evaluation Form template;

• Individual Performance Management Manual;

• Competencies Dictionary.

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