Performance Management in 2018: Global Edition

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Performance Management in 2018: Global Edition it is the eighth edition, in a series of annual publications that provides an overview on the state of the discipline.

As Performance Management is continuously growing in popularity and maturity, measuring and assessing yearly developments in the field is quintessential. This report is a product of both qualitative and quantitative research efforts, comprising both primary and secondary sources.

Grasp the best practices included in the following sections:

Around the World: country legislations and insights;

Education: university degrees;

Trends: popular keywords;

Career: market trends, salary reports and events;

Resources: books and communities;

Software: Gartner’s Magic Quadrant;

In this report, we’ve taken a greater, in-depth look at each government, from all countries around the world, to see how structured their Performance Management efforts are in reality. After going through all countries, we’re proud to report that so far, around 70% of governments around the world have either instituted some form of performance measurement & management strategy or have incorporated PM-related elements into their administrative structure in such a fashion that it has become a part of regular reporting for public servants at all ranks.

In addition, about 40% have also implemented specific employee performance-based rewards, a much higher percentage than we’ve seen in previous years. To showcase these changes, we’ve prepared 3 in-depth analyses on Belize, Egypt and Ethiopia. These research pieces will highlight the mentality shift that has occurred in governments around the world, concerning PM, and how these nations have made use of it.


  • Executive Summary
  • Visual Summary
  • About the Report

Around the world

  • Map Overview
  • Introduction
  • Country Legislation
  • Global Insights


  • Trends


  • Educational Introduction
  • Educational Degrees


  • Careers & Salaries
  • Events


  • Latest Published Books
  • Communities


  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI software solutions

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