Performance Management in 2015: ASEAN Special Edition

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Performance Management in 2015: ASEAN Special Edition is The KPI Institute’s publication that provides in-depth analysis on Performance Management within the ASEAN Region, in 2015. The ASEAN Special Edition accompanies Performance Management in 2015: State of the discipline report, which is a series of annual publications in which The KPI Institute provides an overview on the state of the discipline.

Over the course of 2015, Performance Management in the ASEAN region has developed alongside two major trends, as was highlighted by our interviewed practitioners, academics and consultants – the improvement and better use of data and the growth of an employee-first culture, backed up by an emphasis on coaching. Moreover, these trends were also noticed in our 10 case studies of the countries in the ASEAN, as governments strived to improve performance and services for their citizens, while ensuring that their employees are the best they can possibly be. Furthermore, even though it has fewer universities offering courses on the topic of managing performance, the ASEAN is unswervingly maintaining the pace with other regions, when it comes to this topic.

  • Category: Research reports
  • Publication date: September, 2016
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