Managing Performance in the Public Sector: Lessons Learned

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Summary outline of the webinar

In the past few years, strategic planning and managing performance have become the focus of the public sector across the globe and especially in the MENA region. The emphasis on this area has brought about a variety of challenges faced by the Government sector in the implementation of national and local strategies.

This webinar presents an overview of the lessons learned from deploying performance management systems in public sector institutions and a review of the literature on this topic. The main objective is to establish a set of best practice recommendations that practitioners can follow and apply in the government sector.

Main topics covered

  • The Architecture of Performance Management Systems in Public Sector;
  • Performance Management Maturity Audit;
  • The importance of planning and communication;
  • Objective setting and KPI Selection;
  • Cascading the framework across the Public Sector.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify the main challenges in managing performance in the Public Sector;
  • Build a comprehensive project plan for implementing Performance Management Systems;
  • Enhance strategy communication in the public sector;
  • Understand the importance of linking objectives and KPIs across the organization;
  • Acknowledge best practices in the field.

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