Living Business Models for Strategic and Operational Performance

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Summary outline of the webinar

Balanced Scorecards and rigorous KPIs have helped organizations achieve stronger and more stable performance. We can now go further and create working, quantified business models, to capture far greater potential. These are easier, faster and more reliable than anything possible with other tools, and enable management to bench-test their strategies and initiatives, then manage implementation.

This webinar is for senior and aspiring executives, consultants and analysts wanting to improve organization’s performance, both in corporate and public sector settings. It will show how simulation models replicate the structure and performance of an organization’s resource-system – people, customers, products, capacity, and finance, and these models are used.

Main topics covered

  • Strategy, planning and performance measures;
  • Principles of dynamic modeling;
  • The “architecture” of an enterprise system;
  • Using living models to improve performance;
  • The impact of dynamic modeling on PMS.

Key Learning Points

  • Appreciate the dynamics of management challenges – improving performance over time
  • See how performance emerges from the working resource-system
  • Understand how visual, quantified models bring all kinds of challenges to life
  • See how models help management both design an organization and improve performance
  • Understand the linkage between strategy, the organization’s system and its performance measures

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