Live Online Certified SBP Professional 14-18 July 2024 Arabic

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To be successful in the long-run, organizations need to define a mission and a vision, that can be cascaded down into SMART strategic and operational objectives, at all hierarchical levels. The course offers an algorithm on how this can be done, with a focus on creating strategies that are internally consistent and aligned for optimal performance. At the same time, the course offers tools for both internal and external environment scanning, that will alow companies to build strategies that are flexible and shock-absorbent, adapted to a business world that is rapidly changing. Last but not least, the course focuses on how departments can set their own strategies and action plans, that are ready-for-execution and support the overall corporate strategy.


  • Receive structured knowledge, that can be transferred into all areas of their professional life;
  • Get acces to a network of specialists, sharing business opportunities and innovative solutions to strategy planning dilemmas;
  • Receive a premium recognition as a Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional.

Learning objectives 

  • Build up a strategic mind-frame; 
  • Understand key strategy planning concepts; 
  • Use strategy planning tools, in individual and team exercises;
  • Reflect on the best practices in the field, through case.

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