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This course trains participants in how to set and work with OKRs and offers them the opportunity to get certified on the ability to deploy and use OKRs in accordance with The KPI Institute’s standards, developed through extensive research and practical knowledge in the field of Performance Management and Objective Setting.


  • Support fast decision making by fostering constant feedback and communication;
  • Access an innovative learning experience based on a 3 stage educational process;
  • Obtain premium recognition as a Certified OKR
  • Professional by completing a unique international learning program;
  • Expand your business network by becoming a member of the international Certified OKR Professionals Community;
  • Champion the use of a rigorous OKRs process within organizations.

Learning objectives 

  • Differentiate between objectives, KPIs and initiatives;
  • Recognize different types of OKRs;
  • Acknowledge the benefits of stretched goals;
  • Understand OKR setting in different contexts;
  • Apply best practice techniques to align OKRs across the organization;
  • Comprehend the review and decision making process;

Day 1 - 4h

 Understanding OKRs

  • What are OKRs?
  • Stretched goals
  • Measurable Key Results
  • Action oriented initiatives 

 OKRs and other PMS

  • OKRs vs KPIS
  • OKRs and KPIs integration
  • OKRs vs MBO

Day 2 - 4h

Performance management system based on OKRs

  • Challenges in working with OKRs
  • OKRs lifecycle
  • The value added by OKRs
  • Governance

 OKRs typology

  • Strategic vs tactical OKRs
  • Aspirational vs committed OKRs

 Day 3 - 4h

 Using OKRs in different environments
  • OKRs in general organizations
  • OKRs in innovative/project based organizations
  • OKRs in governmental entities

 Setting OKRs 

  • OKRs setting process
  • Common mistakes in setting OKRs
  • OKRs setting in practice

Day 4 - 4h

 Aligning OKRs
  • OKRs alignment approaches 
  • OKRs alignment in different types of organizations
  • OKRs alignment in practice

 OKRs review

  • OKRs review process
  • Types of OKRs review
  • OKRs review in practice

Day 5 - 4h

 Learning from OKRs

  • Decision making process based on OKRs
  • Initiatives management
  • OKRs refinement

 Changing the organizational culture

  • Change management
  • Employee engagement
  • Gamification 

Alina Miertoiu is a Business Research Specialist at The KPI Institute, a research institute specialized in business performance, considered today the global authority on Key Performance Indicators research and education. She is a Certified KPI Professional and Certified Benchmarking Professional and she delivered 190 hours of training and content during last year.

Moreover, Alina’s activity in the field of Performance Management and Performance Improvement also consists of writing research-based articles for the Performance Magazine, The KPI Institute’s online magazine dedicated to strategy and performance.

As a research specialist, one of Alina’s significant research programs focused on developing a benchmarking study in the utilities sector, for three major utilities: Water, Gas, Electricity Generation, comprising worldwide data. Moreover, she recently developed a National Development Indices Catalogue, containing 57 fully documented indices in a standardized format. Moreover, her research activity in the Performance Management field has resulted in the documentation of +500 Key Performance Indicators examples.

As an educator, Alina delivered the Certified KPI Professional course, Certified Benchmarking Professional course and Certified Performance Management Professional course, both as an in-house and open course in Romania, Middle East and Asia and several webinars on the topic of performance management and benchmarking. Moreover, she developed, implemented and managed the tutoring program of The College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences from Cluj-Napoca

Alina’s academic qualifications are in the field of Administration. She is currently a PhD candidate researching performance management and strategy for advocacy campaigns. She has a bachelor’s degree in European Administration and a master degree in NGO Management, completed by an international certification in Social Entrepreneurship issued by Erasmus+ and a Public Administration recognition issued by Michigan State University.

"The course content was very valuable and excellent. We can effectively use the information and methods provided in this course at our job."

Mariam Abdullah Al Darmaki, AMMROC, UAE

"Very insightful to the world of KPIs for beginners and surely enrichful for patrons as well."

Rashed Alketbi, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, UAE

"The training on KPIs gave me the right understanding about the process, starting with identification, to KPI's alignment, strategy and performance measurement, which will really add value to the organization."

Dhruv Goswami, Applied Corrossion Technology, UAE

"I am already dealing with KPIs at my job, but they are customer driven.  The course offered a perspective on the process, how they can be implemented and how they can improve your business, even if KPIs already existed at corporate level."

Richard Lee  Becerra Jr., AMMROC, UAE

"The content of the program is really to the point and easily coustomised to the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry."

Snehal Kaware, Takreer, UAE

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to apply KPs in their organisation; it is definitely the best course in terms of content and delivery."

Anfal Al Qumaish, The Institute of Public Administration, UAE

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