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KPISOFT™ brings your Analytics, Performance Management data and external data sources together in one intuitive platform, seamlessly integrating critical business performance data with organizational scorecards. KPISOFT connects organization strategy to employee performance management and business reporting dashboards.
Quickly identify top performers, understand weak scorecards and allow managers to compare review considerations against each other to develop their organization’s own best practice standards over time.

Alignment Made Easy. KPISOFT makes it easy to get your organization in alignment with your corporate Strategy Proactive performance reviews. Custom Dashboards provide instant overview of your KPIs, allowing you to identify opportunities Holistic Feedback Tools. Each unit can evaluate their team members on the unit-specific criteria that matters to them Flexible calibration tools. Quickly identify top performers, understand weak scorecards and allow managers to fine-tune Collaborate in Context. The right tools to make organization-wide collaboration a reality Analytics. All of your data in one place, and never copy and paste performance data again.

"This project was highly successful. We achieved results beyond our target range.Out customer service idea increased by 18 % on YOY bases. Besides the results, the inherent benefits we achieved on intensive performance based management on integrated platform. Most importantly, overall strengthening of our execution capabilities and capacity were main highlights of this project. "

Executive Director, NKS Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

"Being one of the largest enrichment schools in Japan, we have always struggled to align our branches throughout the nation to what matters most. The ability of KPISOFT app to cascade our corporate goal to everyone in the organization seamlessy is a boon to the management team."

Vice President, Shichida Child Academy, Southeast Asia

"In 20 years in the strategy and performance domain I have never seen an application that matches what KPISOFT has to offer. The appealing app is highly interactive and user-friendly. It's impressive functions align the employee organization's goals and it provides a real time performance management platform that enables coaching and stimulates collaborative team dynamics."

Managing Director, The Culture Team, Singapore

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