KPI Practitioner Certification

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The KPI Practitioner Certification recognizes a person’s practical experience in deploying and using KPIs in accordance with The KPI Institute’s Key Performance Indicators Management Framework 1.0. It is a proof that the certified person has a deep knowledge in working with KPIs. It is not only about understanding but also about practice and speciality. KPI Practitioner Certification aims to enhance professionals’ knowledge, skills and competencies through the practical deployment of Performance Management related processes, tools, and techniques.



Step 1. Send Application Form to

Step 2. Receive Application Portfolio Templates for the assignments of the Application Portfolio

Step 3. Send Application Portfolio to

Step 4. Assessors evaluate the Application Portfolio within two weeks from the submission date

Step 5. Receive the result*, KPI Practitioner Certificate and optional Letter of Acknowledgement

* If evaluation criteria is not met, application for reassessment will be required in order to obtain the KPI Practitioner Certificate

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