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KPI documentation refers to the process of researching all relevant information about measuring a specific key performance indicator and consolidate it in a well-structured form. The KPI Institute offers both a standardized template and the research service to complete the KPI documentation form. By documenting all KPIs monitored the organization builds an internal knowledge repository.

The KPI documentation form was developed by analyzing a variety of examples from practice and integrating best practices in a 30 fields which relate to KPI Unique Identification, Definition and Usage, Calculation, Focus, Data Profile, Data Gathering, Targets, KPI Administration and Comments.

1. Express interest

2. Submit list of KPIs

3. Discuss with an analyst to offer more insights into the current practices of working with KPIs

4. Approve the KPI documentation form template

5. Receive all KPIs documented

This advisory service will provide:

* KPI documentation form template (Microsoft Excel format);

* KPI library (Microsoft Excel file containing all KPI documented in the KPI documentation form).

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