Key techniques in developing a Performance Management System based in BSC 2016 Global Edition

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Summary outline of the webinar

Every organization engaged in strategy planning and strategy execution finds itself facing some certain problems as part of their strategy management process. While some of the issues represent discrepancies between the goals of the organization and its initiatives, other may vary from working with the most efficient Performance Management System to formulating relevant objectives and selecting the right KPIs.
This webinar will focus on the important steps in translating strategy planning into such strategy executions.

Main topics covered

  • Formulating Goals;
  • Setting objectives based on the BSC four perspectives;
  • KPI selection;
  • Alignment between objectives and initiatives;

Key Learning Points

  • Discover the main components of a strategic framework;
  • Understand the elements of a Performance Scorecard;
  • Understand the alignment process between objective and initiatives;
  • Learn how to evaluate initiatives.

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