Key Performance Indicators - The Core of Performance Management Systems

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Summary outline of the webinar

When measuring performance as an organization, we must first gear up with the right tools. In addition to tracking the progress of our organization against the objectives we have set out, Metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) act as the right tools to generate reliable data on the effectiveness and efficiency of our decision-making process.

In spite of the promising findings revealed by our research, there are still many organizations which have not managed to generate added value from their performance management system. This webinar is focused on providing solutions to refine KPI practices, in order to create the adequate organizational context and tools needed to improve performance.

Main topics covered

  • KPIs vs Other Performance Evaluation Criteria
  • Common KPI pitfalls – examples from practice
  • Using KPIs to create synergies between departments
  • Performance measurement as means, not as a purpose in itself

Key Learning Points

  • Identify how performance can be measured through different tools, in different scenarios;
  • Apply practical techniques to avoid common pitfalls in using KPIs;
  • Address sub-optimization issues created by using isolated performance measurement systems within the organization.

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