Integrated Performance Management

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Explore the functions and premises of an integrated Performance Management framework.

Integrated Performance Management is crucial to improving long-term performance and providing insights and solutions across the organization.

This course will clarify the key concepts and theoretical foundations of performance management and the importance of integrating it with the overall management efforts . It will also walk you through best practices and exercises on how to link different elements of the Performance Management System and how to address specific challenges from a performance management perspective.

3 Key Business Benefits

  • Successfully implement performance management in your organization, by developing and deploying relevant templates and tools; 
  • Generate value from using KPIs at all levels across your organization;
  • Improve the performance of your company by implementing an integrated Performance Management framework.


Day 1 - Performance Management foundations

Introduction - Key aspects of performance management

  • Definition of performance management
  • The relation between performance measurement and performance management
  • Positioning at three levels: strategic, operational and individual
  • The motivation of building performance management capabilities
  • Pitfalls in Performance Management

Discussion: Challenges in performance management

Philosophy and theory underpinning performance management

  • Differences between command and control and systems thinking
  • Theories in performance management
  • Key principles in performance management: recurrence, clarity, integration and learning
  • 10 characteristics of a new world view in performance management

Exercise: Discovering systems thinking

Introduction to performance management architecture

Clarification of key terms: Objectives, KPI, performance measures, targets and initiatives

  • Mapping knowledge - systems mapping
  • Building of a glossary and measure catalogue
  • Cultural aspects of performance management
  • Performance management systems architecture

Exercise: Recognising key terms in performance management

Integrating performance management

  • Recurrence across organizational levels
  • Performance management and other disciplines: strategy, project and knowledge management
  • Integration with other organisational processes
  • Performance management systems and other methodologies: ITIL, Six Sigma and Lean/Quality Management

Case study: Building organizational alignmen

Day 2 - Integrating organisational performance

Performance Management at Strategic Level

Exercise: Linking the Desired State of Evolution to the Strategy Map

  • Using a Performance Management Maturity Model
  • Architecture of the strategic performance management system
  • Implementing the strategic performance management system
  • Using the strategic performance management system

Group activity: Using a Balanced Scorecard based performance management system

Performance Management at Operational Level

Exercise: From KPIs to initiatives

  • Elements of the operational performance management system
  • Designing and using operational dashboards: IT Scorecard, HR Scorecard, Marketing Scorecard and Supplier Scorecard
  • Good practice in data visualization, analysis and reporting
  • Tools and techniques for improving team performance

Case study:Balancing customer satisfaction both internally and externally

Performance Management at Individual Level

Exercise: Evaluating individual performance

  • Using a Architecture of the individual performance management system
  • Individual performance management system alignment to strategy
  • The individual performance management system in practice
  • Balanced Scorecard and Project Management

Group activity:Tools and techniques for improving individual performance

Applying the course learnings in organizations

  • 10 Insights of implementing and using performance management systems
  • Review of the course material
  • Deploying key templates in practice
  • How to apply the acquired knowledge in your organization
  • Overview of learning and conclusions
  • Questions & answers; open discussion

"I would rate the training 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others. The facilitator managed to get excellent group interaction right from the beginning, the KPI course was interesting, informative and very well presented."

Mohamed Salah El-Dein, Learning & Development Manager, Salehiya Medical, Saudi Arabia

"The KPI Institute has provided us with an excellent KPI program which was tailored to the needs of our organization. We highly recommend the Institute KPI educational programs."

Ahmed Alsaheel, Human Resources Director, Salehiya Medical, Saudi Arabia

"I found the course very beneficial and informative in terms of standardizing terminologies, definitions, documentations and other aspects of performance measurement. Since we have limited performance measures in our organization, the course was a very good start to initiate a program for building a comprehensive performance measurement system in our bank. It's highly recommended for startup initiatives and for those who want to brush up their systems."

Faiqa Janahi, Manager Human Resources Planning, Bahrain Islamic Bank, Bahrain

"Thank you for the excellent training workshop on KPIs. It was an eye-opening experience and provided much needed guidance and clarification. The information gained has provided focus and depth."

Parsa Zoqaqi, Royal Univerisity for Women, Bahrain

"This is one of the best programs regarding performance management I have ever attended. I highly recommend this training for any manager who wants to manage his/her business in the right way."

Perviz Aslani, Chief Operating Officer, EMBAWOOD, Azerbaijan

"What I've learned from the course is very useful for me as we are developing the KPI of 2013 for our Holding Co. and two SBUs under Kingfisher group."

Ong-ard Wijitjitlert, Business Development Manager, Kingfisher Holdings, Thailand

"Aurel's ability to explain key performance management theory and practical concepts to staff at all levels of management was one of the key learning experiences in this area."

Clifford Chaperon, Australia Post, Australia

"Great! So glad I found it. Gave me everything I need to do my job properly and with confidence."

Leonne Jones, Brisbane City Council, Australia

"I found the course rather good for introduction to the KPI world. I definitely benefited from it and already started to apply some of the key points in my daily work. I am glad that I participated in the training and met The KPI Institute team."

Isil Aras, Network Operational Performance Senior Expert, EUROCONTROL, Belgium

"We see the ability to understand and monitor the vital numbers behind the strategies and capabilities of our investments as vital to our competitive edge. I am confident that the course will help us to both sharpen our internal tools and to provide further value in our strategic sparring with company management."

Angus Steel, Portfolio Manager Equities, Delta Lloyd Asset Management, Netherlands

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