Implementing a PM System: how to get buy-in from all the organization’s members

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Summary outline of the webinar

Implementing a Performance Management framework within the boundaries of an organization is not an easy feat, especially if we consider that all members of the organizational structure, from top management to the individual employee should be involved for a successful implementation.

Various studies have documented the difficulty of employees in accepting the implementation of a performance assessment system, because of their concern with their financial rewards associated with performance and top management’s unwillingness to spend resources and time in an activity with unknown benefits.

This webinar will document why this aversion may occur and how organizations can engage their employees in the pursuit and application of a Performance Management System.

Main topics covered

  • How employees perceive the concept of Perf. Measurement.
  • Drivers for employee motivation.
  • How to avoid performance measurement pitfalls.

 Key Learning Points

  • Foster the development of a Performance Management Culture.
  • Assess the drivers of employee motivation.
  • Learn about techniques that address common pitfalls within Performance Management.

Technical info (online streaming format)

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"Many thanks for an insightful webinar, I found it most engaging. I look forward to hearing for the future presentations."

Head of Reporting and Analytics, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Switzerland

“It was interesting because some ideas were new to me. It was also a well-structured presentation with good explanations for the subject matter.”

IT Consultant, Automatic Data Processing, United Arab Emirates

“Excellent content of the presentation. All the main aspects were presented in a clear and specific manner. Thank you!”

HR Manager, Bank4you, Ukraine

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