How to align the innovation framework to your organizational strategy

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Summary outline of the webinar

Nowadays, innovation, through its practices and processes, is seen as a strong endeavor in optimizing businesses. This webinar offers valuable insights into the ways an organization can generate value by taking a strategic approach to innovation. Participants will gain an overview on how they can incorporate learning as a valuable component in building sustainable innovation within their organization.

Main topics covered

  • Overview on the innovation process in organizational context;
  • Insights into strategic innovation;
  • Building blocks of innovation culture within the organization;
  • Idea management systems implementation;
  • Key variables for internal innovation assessment.

Key Learning Points

  • Differentiate between innovation framework concepts;
  • Understand how to use strategic innovation for achieving organizational goals;
  • Analyze initiatives that foster an innovation-oriented organizational culture;
  • Learn how to increase employee engagement and support innovative ideas generation;
  • Get an insight into the main components of innovation performance.

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