The "2023 Government Services Index'' stands as a compilation of indicators developed to assess the performance of government service delivery, aimi"/> Government Services Index 2023

Government Services Index 2023

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The "2023 Government Services Index'' stands as a compilation of indicators developed to assess the performance of government service delivery, aiming to enhance both efficiency and overall service quality for citizens. This index encompasses five key dimensions, thoughtfully selected for their key roles as primary contributors to the public services. These dimensions are Future Readiness, Digitalization, Governance, Society Welfare, and Citizen Experience. Rooted in data derived from 30 specific indicators aligned with these dimensions, covering more than 100 countries, 5 world regions, and highlighting the top performers in each region and on each dimension.

In its second consecutive year, the Government Services Index drives into the foundational elements that contribute to the success of government services, aligning them with globally recognized indicators. The development of the GSI entailed a rigorous review process, involving the analysis of over 100 scholarly articles and 40 global indices. This thorough examination facilitated the identification of crucial areas for assessing government service quality and accessing global data. Moreover, a comprehensive approach was ensured through the meticulous scrutiny of over 900 indicators, guaranteeing the reliability and credibility of the data used in the assessment.

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  • Pages: 298

  • File format: PDF

  • Publication date: January 2024

01. Preface

02. Methodology

    2.1 Index Composition

    2.2 Data Based Considerations

    2.3 Index Coverage

    2.4 Calculation

        2.4.1 Data Collection 

        2.4.2 Data Elimination 

        2.4.3 Data Imputation 

        2.4.4 Data Scaling and Aggregations

        2.4.5 Indicators Reliability 

        2.4.6 Income Level Groups and Score Quartiles

        2.4.7 Relationship Between Countries Income and Scores

    2.5 How to Use the Index

03. General Findings

    3.1 Global Leaders in Government Services

    3.2 GSI Heatmap

    3.3 Global Ranking

    3.4 Government Performance by Income Group

    3.5 Best Ranked Governments by Income Group

    3.6 Regional Dashboards

04. Country Rankings

    4.1 Future Readiness: Visual Map

        4.1.1 Country Rankings

        4.1.2 General Findings

        4.1.3 Detailed View

        4.1.4 Regional Insights

    4.2 Digitalization: Visual Map

        4.2.1 Country Rankings

        4.2.2 General Findings

        4.2.3 Detailed View 

        4.2.4 Regional Insights 

    4.3 Governance: Visual Map 

        4.3.1 Country Rankings 

        4.3.2 General Findings 

        4.3.3 Detailed View 

        4.3.4 Regional Insights 

    4.4 Society Welfare: Visual Map 

        4.4.1 Country Rankings 

        4.4.2 General Findings 

        4.4.3 Detailed View

        4.4.4 Regional Insights 

    4.5 Citizen Experience: Visual Map 

        4.5.1 Country Rankings 

        4.5.2 General Findings 

        4.5.3 Detailed View 

        4.5.4 Regional Insights

05. Country Profiles/Scoreboards

06. References

07. Appendices

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