From Strategic Goals to Initiatives in Education Institutions

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Summary outline of the webinar

Performance excellence in any educational institution can best take place only with proper strategic planning, which starts with the mission statement and ends with the initiatives to achieve the strategic goals and objectives at the institutional and departmental levels. 

How can we develop more meaningful scorecards? How can we identify where we are and where to go? In this webinar, participants will be exposed to real examples of scorecards and KPIs, applicable in education institutions.

Main topics covered

  • Strategic goals in educational institutions;
  • Strategic objectives in alignment with strategic goals and mission statement;
  • KPIs for educational institutions;
  • Initiatives;
  • Scorecards & Dashboards.

Key Learning Points

  • Develop annual objectives in alignment with the strategic goals and mission statement;
  • Select the KPIs that measure the respective objectives;
  • Develop initiatives to achieve the respective objectives;
  • Develop scorecards at the organizational and departmental levels;
  • Develop dashboards that visualize the data in the scorecards and monitor the progress of the institution and the departments.

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