Employee Performance Management System Implementation

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The Employee Performance Management System is the essential bridge to link performance efforts accross all organizational levels. By adopting a structured and robust employee performance framework we emphasise on objectivity in measuring the results against expecations with the help of individual KPIs; contribute to a constant development of skills and competences as enablers of real functional roles of an individual and enhance awareness over each one's contribution by guiding them towards desired behaviours that drive performance.

The project is deployed in 3 phases.
Phase 1. Preparing the context:
A. Organizational and Departmental strategies and performance instruments review.
B. Review of Job Descriptions, policies and procedures
C. Review of Performance evaluation process
Phase 2: Individual performance instruments development and allignment
A. Development of individual Objectives, KPIs, Scorecards, Dashboards, Organizational Competences and Behaviours Catalogue.
B. Setting performance processes: data collection, gathering and reporting.
Phase 3: Enabling Individual Performance
A. Performance Evaluation process develeopment
B. Rewards system development
C. Talent Management Portfolio of Initiatives development

The intervention relies on off-site analysis of key internal documents, delivery of awareness sessions with main stakeholders, on-site KPIs selection workshop and post implemenation support (on and off-site).

1. Setting project requirements (Documentation, timeline, resources involved)

2. Analysis of client internal documentation

3. Performance instruments development

4. On-site workshops (KPIs selection, Scorecards and Dashboards development; Performance evaluation - process simulation)

5. Pefromance toolkits deployment

6. Post-implemenation support

1. Internal documentation and processes analyzed and alligned to the new Employee Performance Architecture

2. Training / Awareness sessions educational materials (course slide, additional reading/viewing materials)

3. Individual Performance Management Architecture System Map

4. Job Description template

5. Employee Performance Scorecard

6. Competencies Evaluation Sheet

7. Behaviors Evaluation Sheet

8. Development Plan template

9. Employee Evaluation Form template

10. Competentcies and Behaviors Catalogue

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