Data Analysis, a complex process: make sure you master all of it!

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Summary outline of the webinar

Succeeding in today’s business world is a matter of understanding and using relevant data to get actionable insights. This webinar is about making data work for you, through the use of basic tools, such as MS Excel.

It aims to teach you the basics needed for someone fulfilling an analysis role, whether you are an aspiring analyst or a manager wanting to broaden your skills, regardless of the fact that you have a numerate background or not.

Main topics covered

  • Data analysis as a process
  • Data processing and manipulation
  • Statistical and econometric analysis methods
  • Data interpretation
  • Links to other data topics (statistical process control, big data, data mining)

Key Learning Points

  • Providing a realistic picture of the data analysis process
  • Acknowledge the importance of basic data processing and manipulation techniques
  • Understanding the role of mastering statistical tools and techniques
  • Identifying the necessary MS Excel tools for data processing and statistical analysis
  • Acknowledge the advanced tools and techniques (e.g. big data, data mining, statistical process control)

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