Conducting an Integrated Performance Audit

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Summary outline of the webinar

When it comes to performance management, organizations need the complete framework: from the corporate strategy, to key performance indicators and initiatives, cascaded all the way to the departmental and individual levels, across the organization.

This webinar will teach participants how to assess the maturity of organizations in 5 key areas: Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, Performance Management, Performance Culture and Employee Performance Management.

The KPI Institute has just launched its Integrated Performance Audit (IPA) framework, which showcases the methodology used to identify weaknesses within Performance Measurement Systems and guides you through the necessary improvements initiatives.

Main topics covered

  • Motivation for conducting an IPA;
  • Key tools to perform an IPA;
  • 5 practice domains to audit for an integrated approach towards Performance Management Systems implementation, review and improvement;
  • Benefits of conducting an IPA.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the impact of conducting an IPA;
  • Acknowledge the importance of IPA in supporting the competitive advantage of an organisation;
  • Get familiar with the main tools used for auditing the Performance Management System of your organisation;
  • Get valuable insights on how to audit the main practice domains of an organisation and its benefits.

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