Certificate in Talent Management Process Optimization

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Talent management defines an organisation's commitment to attracting and selecting potential individuals, as well as managing and retaining talent. This needs to be fully integrated in organization’s entire employee management processes. By going through each system that relates to recruiting, developing, and retaining a superior workforce, you will get practical information and develop the necessary skills to successfully implement a Talent Management strategy in your organisation.

This course offers you the opportunity to adapt and develop the processes and systems that relate to recruiting, developing and retaining a superior workforce in your organization. By going through each system, you will get practical information and develop the necessary skills to successfully implement a Talent Management strategy.

Key business benefits

  • Obtain long term commitment and engagement of your employees through performance appraisal, coaching and career planning;
  • Increase the individual performance of the employees in your organization by implementing a well-built education and development process;
  • Educate and develop your future leaders pool through succession planning initiatives.

Skills Acquired

  • Talent management planning;
  • Talent Acquisition;
  • Performance management planning and implementation;
  • Succession management planning;
  • Training and Development design and implementation.

Learning objectives

  • Structure the processes included in your talent management strategy;
  • Learn how to develop an integrated system of talent acquisition, performance management and succession planning;
  • Get a comprehensive view on creating a competency model meant to adding consistency and unity throughout all the talent management processes;
  • Structure the steps of a succession management process, needed to ensure your leadership pipeline;
  • Develop an employee engagement strategy.

Day 1

Session 1: Introduction to talent management

  • Talent management fundamentals;
  • The talent wheel;
  • Competency based recruitment process;
  • Employee performance management;
  • Rewards and recognition system;
  • Succession planning and management;
  • Employee engagement and retention;
  • Activity: Create the talent wheel in your organization.

Session 2: Competency based recruitment process

  • The search for talent;
  • Competencies’ documentation process;
  • Self-assessment and 360° feedback;
  • Talent planning, promotion, selection and induction based on competencies;
  • Activity: Create the competency model basis.

Session 3: Employee Performance Management (EPM) System

  • Components of the EPM system and defining key terms;
  • Key tools in EPM;
  • Key performance indicators at individual level;
  • The role of competencies and attitudes in EPM;
  • Activity: Mind-map key tools and concepts in EPM;
  • Activity: Fill in an individual performance plan.

Session 4: Talent performance appraisal

  • Tools for talent assessment: 9-Box;
  • Methods for assessing performance;
  • Methods for assessing potential;
  • Preparation and roll-out of performance evaluation meetings;
  • Individual development plans and the career path;
  • Activity: Participate in a guided process for ideal career. 

Day 2:

Session 5: Succession planning and management

  • Matching of staffing needs with individual abilities;
  • Succession management roadmap;
  • Succession management calendar;
  • Leadership development and education;
  • Effective transition to new job role;
  • Measuring the succession management efforts’ impact;
  • Activity: Identify suitable successors.

Session 6: Employee engagement measurement

  • The reason behind measuring employee engagement;
  • Employee engagement surveys;
  • Employee engagement reports;
  • Selection of an employee engagement supplier;
  • Numbers vs. behaviors in employee engagement;
  • Activity: Select your employee engagement supplier.

Session 7: Fostering employee engagement

  • Potential engagement in organizations;
  • Employee engagement at individual vs. team level;
  • Development of employee engagement action plans;
  • Activity: Create an employee engagement action plan.

Session 8: Talent retention

  • Retention in numbers and KPIs;
  • Factors that influence talent retention;
  • Exit interviews;
  • “Thank you” economy and internal clients’ perspective,
  • Employer branding.

Aura Serea

Human Resources

Aura Serea is the Chief Talent Officer of The KPI Institute, a research institute specialized in business performance which operates research programs in 12 practice domains ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance and from customer service to innovation performance. The KPI Institute is also considered today the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education.

Aura is an expert HR professional, consultant and practitioner with 15+ years of experience in the Organizational Development and Talent Management areas. She has been involved in designing and delivering educational and training programs, aimed at competency development in her area of expertise but not limited to that.

As an educator, Aura has facilitated hundreds of training sessions and consulting programs on talent management subject matters in multiple industry settings ranging from oil & gas industry, utilities and healthcare to FMCG, finance and chemical industry.

As a consultant, she holds valuable experience both in Talent Management and Organizational Development. Her expertise and knowledge range from the implementation and review of Performance Management Architectures, Competency Framework Designs or Processes Assessment and Optimization.

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