Certificate in Strategic Approach to Procurement and Logistics Processes

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This training course aims at helping you improve your skills in implementing procurement and logistics based strategies, supporting you in order to develop a strategic approach to performance in procurement and logistics activities and to expand your toolkit of practical procurement tools and techniques. It also provides you with an overview of the key performance management concepts and tools adapted to the specific needs of the Procurement and Logistics department. 

Key business benefits

  • Understanding the benefits of using performance management tools and techniques;
  • Learning how to structure procurement and logistic activities in order to have improved results;
  • Define and use of specific KPIs;
  • KPIs selection and implementation;
  • Identify evaluation methods for own procurement and logistics activities and supplier evaluations.

Skills acquired

  • Learn how to set objectives, implement performance management tools;
  • Correct use of KPIs;
  • Develop KPI selection skills and measurement activities

Learning objectives

  • Identify and apply procurement and logistics tools and techniques to contribute to an effective management of the supply chain functions;
  • Detect and solve issues to allow alignment of systems, capabilities and processes with strategic objectives;
  • Select the right KPIs to measure performance, outcomes and results.

Day 1

Session 1: Performance in procurement activities

  • Key challenges in achieving performance in procurement activities;
  • Mind Mapping: challenges in procurement and logistics activities;
  • Key functions and role of procurement and logistics department in our organizations;
  • Performance levels of the procurement and department;
  • Role and meaning of Proactivity in procurement and logistics.

Session 2: Performance Management Architecture

  • Understanding the concepts used in performance management and measurement;
  • Performance management analytics at the strategical. Operational and personal level;
  • Design and implementation of Performance Management Architecture in procurement and logistics;
  • Performance Management Element analysis and correlation.

Session 3: Introducing KPIs

  • Introducing KPI as performance measurement tools;
  • Importance of KPI –definitions and identification techniques;
  • Selection criteria of KPIs in procurement and logistics activities;
  • KPI identification, implementation and use in procurement and logistics.

Session 4: Monitor and activity evaluation using KPIs

  • Target setting techniques for KPIs;
  • KPI description and documentation;
  • Successful performance measurement structures using KPIs;
  • KPIs in practice in Procurement and logistic activities.

Day 2:

Session 5: Data communication and visualizations using KPIs

  • Data communication and visualizations tools: the dashboard;
  • Data communication and visualizations tools: Scorecard;
  • Best practices in data visualization.

Session 6: Supply Chain Management – SCM

  • Mind Mapping: key challenges in Supply Chain Management – SCM;
  • Types and particularities of Supply Chain Management – SCM;
  • Supply Chain Management Optimization.

Session 7: Evaluation and measurement in SCM activities

  • Performance measurement of procurement and logistics activities.

Session 8: Recommendations for performance improvement

  • Key success factors in performance improvements;
  • Best practices of solution implementations;
  • Q&A session;
  • Closing session.

Cristina Bleoca

Operations, Procurement, Supply Chain Consultant

Cristina Bleoca is a Purchasing and Supply Chain Management specialist, with over 10 years of experience in the field of automotive and FMGC companies.

Cristina managed departments with different maturity levels, her activities ranging from establishing a purchasing department, to managing accelerated growth periods.

Having enrolled in internships within German companies, participated in international research partnerships, and attended national and international training courses, Cristina has gained a diversified vision on the number of objectives and themes covered during her training.

Her expertise and knowledge also covers designing and implementing strategies for developing Supplier Management activities, optimizing logistics activity, the flow of materials, and inventories management.

Cristina graduated from the the “Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and the Faculty of European Studies. Furthermore, she improved her knowledge during her internships at German industrial companies and service providers. Among these, Kuka Schweissanlagen GmbH and IBM Global Services GmbH stand out. Cristina’s professional experience as a Purchasing-Logistics Department coordinator was acquired in Romanian companies, such as Eckerle, Tchibo Brnads and Heinring Impex.

As an Acumen Integrat collaborator, Cristina delivered the following training programs:

- Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics: KPIs, Scorecard and Dashboard

- Strategic Approach to Purchasing-Logistics Processes.

Cristina Bleoca has a vast experience and expertise regarding the field of Supplier Management. In 2003, she began building a purchasing department within an automotive supplier company, which has been working in Romania in the Iohn system. In 2008, she took over the responsibility for the FMCG Company, Tchibo Brands’ logistics department. Besides her Logistics experience, Cristina Bleoca has built and developed a complete purchasing department in Bucharest. Since 2009, she has been coordinating an operational department within one of the world’s biggest travel retail companies.

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