Certificate in Innovation for Distribution

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An opportunity for attendees to spend time with one of the leading retail banking experts to learn insights on the trends and innovations impacting retail banking distribution.

Competing successfully in the increasingly competitive world of retail banking with distribution changes, rapid advances in technology, growth in mobile usage and the impact of social media is making it very challenging for banks. How should banks distribute products and services and market to existing and new customers? This program will equip attendees to adapt to the new world and deliver above average performance.

Key business benefits

  • Benefit from understanding how the leaders are using innovative approaches to distribution;
  • Benefit from learning how other sectors are driving successful change brought about by the drive to digital;
  • Gain insights on how to drive innovation across the bank.

Skills Acquired

  • The ability to understand what innovations are feasible in developing future focused distribution models;
  • The ability to take learning from other industries and implement innovative change;
  • The ability to manage innovation change programme within budget

Learning objectives

  • Learn what the key distribution trends are in the sector from leading consultancies;
  • Learn how banks are handling the distribution challenges being faced due to the drive to digital;
  • Learn how to drive higher customer advocacy in a changing distribution environment;
  • Learn about the technology changes having significant impact on current and future distribution. 

Day 1

Session 1: Outline, objectives and introductions

  • Programme outline, objectives and introductions.

Session 2: Challenges and trends facing retail bankers

  • Today’s distribution challenges facing retail bankers;
  • Latest trends and insights in retail banking globally;
  • Priorities to adapt to a digital world.

Session 3: The Impact of technology and digitization

  • Technology – Future impact for banks;
  • How is the drive to digital being dealt with in other industries such as retail/travel/ entertainment?
  • How banks address "tides of change";
  • How is customer behaviour changing due to digitization to develop new distribution models?
  • Does digital mean less branch activity and profitability? How can be the approach of the innovation?

Session 4: How to be innovative in distribution?

  • What are todays drivers for customers;
  • Is distribution all about bricks and mortar?
  • Can you create a distribution model where people want to “buy” your products?
  • How to overcome barriers to adoption, improved sales and cross sales;
  • The generational challenges for distribution in banks – cost implications and alternatives.

Session 5: Tackle distribution changes and their impact on marketing

  • Marketing response and changes required;
  • The impact digitization has on product design, development and advertising;
  • Competitors and how you should adapt to survive.

Day 2:

Session 6: The distribution challenges

  • Distribution impact of the drive to digital;
  • The future role of the branch;
  • Multi-channel or omni-channel? Role of innovation?
  • Skills required for delivery of innovative change;
  • Branch of the future - what will it look like? What are the leaders developing?
  • Innovation that match customers’ requirements;
  • Innovative Branch design - What will the future look like?
  • Remote banking - do you change the structure of a bank to accommodate these major impacts on distribution?

Session 7: The importance of customer experience

  • Achieving differentiation through delivery of customer experience excellence;
  • What makes up “experience”?
  • Why is experience delivery important? 
  • What is the value of investing in experience delivery?
  • What can be learnt from non-banking sectors?
  • How do you measure “experience”?
  • Reward systems for delivery;
  • Impact of innovative design on experience delivery.

Session 8: The importance of people

  • Innovation has many facets;
  • Do you have an “innovation culture”?
  • Learning from non-bank sectors on key issues;
  • Reward and recognition systems – Should they change in this new multi-channel world?

Session 9: Summary and review

  • Summary of challenges being faced;
  • Summary of potential actions and solutions in order to maximize profitable contributions;
  • Short presentations of planned future actions for the delegate attendees.

John Berry 

Retail Banking Expert 

John is one of the foremost experts in retail banking. He is the former Managing Director at the UK retail bank Abbey National (now part of Banco Santander – 800 branches / 15+ million customers) but during the last decade he has been involved in training retail bank staff at all levels around the globe on all aspects of retail banking activity.

His career involved successfully managing branches at all levels, managing operations, marketing and overseas businesses before managing the retail bank. He received worldwide recognition for innovation in personal financial services when he introduced branch franchising into the UK. In addition, global recognition followed his innovative distribution introduction of putting coffee and banking together on the high street (Costa Coffee) to make banking a more pleasant environment for customers – and more profitable for the bank.

John has spent the last 10 years working with major international retail banks and other businesses assisting them align their strategy and local plans within the rapidly changing world they face with their customers’ demands, distribution changes, technology advancements, marketing as well as margin and regulatory pressures. He is a sort after trainer due to his ability to assist businesses improve their front-line performance – his programs receive strong positive reviews.

His experience and knowledge of the pressures and new developments is extensive enabling him to share his experiences across the globe. His appreciation and awareness of trends and best practice in make him a sort after advisor within the banking sector for example. In addition, he delivers quality programs around the globe with some of the world’s leading banks as well as leading training providers.

Over the last decade, John has become one of the leading global experts in the retail banking arena in particular. He has worked throughout the world undertaking strategic, transformation and training work with retail banks to improve their performance across all channels (his clients include many major banks from throughout Africa/ SE Asia/ Australia/ Europe/ Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, Korea, Vietnam and UK). The list of banks is extensive, including names such as HSBC, Bank Muscat, Bank Saudi Fransi, Habib, State Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Arab Bank, Saman Bank, Shinhan Bank (Korea), Ocean Bank (Vietnam), Bank of China, Ecobank, Zenith Bank and numerous other clients.

He has published work on retail bank branch performance and is a sort after speaker at conferences due to his extensive retail banking knowledge and insight especially in the distribution, marketing and customer areas. A knowledgeable and experienced individual who will give real added value to senior management teams wishing to differentiate their strategy and performance in a crowded marketplace.

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