Certificate in Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

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Traditional thinking does not pay off anymore in today’s turbulent business environment. This course covers all the important thinking approaches. After learning thinking mechanisms, methods, and tools, course participants will be provided and practice real-life decision-making scenarios covering a full range of possibilities. In addition, participants in this course shall practice different methods of creative and critical thinking in order to effectively generate effective and workable output.

Key business benefits

  • Increase participants’ awareness about how to be creative and critical; 
  • Using different creative and critical measures in business daily practices;
  • Increase participants’ self confidence in using creative and critical thinking skills.

Skills Acquired

  • Professionals interested in enhancing their creative and critical thinking capabilities
  • Creative thinking;
  • Critical thinking
  • Self confidence.

Learning objectives

  • Determine the benefits of critical and creative thinking at work;
  • Apply critical and creative thinking methods in various personal or work-related situations;
  • Practice thinking in non-conventional ways by thinking out of the box and utilising the ‘what if’ approach;
  • Implement a variety of critical and creative thinking strategies in the workplace;
  • Understanding the 2 Hemispheres of the Brain;
  • Overcome Thinking Barriers;
  • Provide the methodological steps to follow for results based critical and creative thinking in different situations.

Day 1

Session 1

  • Defining Creativity and criticality;
  • Creativity vs. criticality;
  • Understanding the 2 Hemispheres of the Brain;
  • Right and Left.

Session 2

  • Lateral Thinking;
  • Lateral Thinking in Action;
  • Applications of Lateral Thinking. 

Session 3

  • The Creative Thinker;
  • Constraints in the Workplace;
  • The Creative Manager;
  • Three Parts of Creativity.

Session 4

  • The Creative Methods;
  • Ways of Overcoming Barriers.

Day 2:

Session 1

  • Critical Thinking;
  • The power of argument;
  • The Critical Thinking Process.

Session 2

  • Critical Thinking Model;
  • The Standards of Critical Thinking;
  • Identifying the Issues;
  • Identifying the Arguments;
  • Clarifying the Issues and Arguments

Session 3

  • Establishing Context;
  • Checking Credibility and Consistency;
  • Evaluating Arguments.

Session 4

  • The Power of Opposite Thinking;
  • Creative Rule of Thumb:  - The Interplay of Opposites;
  • Asking “What if?”;
  • Using Opposite Thinking.

Nizar Baidoun

Learning and Development

Nizar Baidoun is a professional trainer, equipped with more than 5500 training hours in 16 different industries, since 1999.

Mr. Nizar has develop vast practical and first-hand experience as a result of training various reputable organizations, to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees and operations, through tailored interventions that best suit clients’ challenges and needs; aligned to local and organizational culture, to ensure harmony and applicability.

As a professional, Nizar has held senior managerial positions in a number of reputable organizations. He was the Training Manager in the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, where he managed and supervised the entire training and development functions for the entire bank.

Prior to that, he held the position of the Commercial Manager in a wholesale company, where he managed and supervised a 2-million $ sales portfolio.

Nizar has an MBA (Kuwait), BCom and DCS (Canada) and pursue his PhD (UK). In addition, he is a certified speaker by the International Academy of Human Resources Management.

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