Cascading the Performance Management System to the Functional Level

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Summary outline of the webinar

During the past decade, Performance Management has become increasingly popular in organizations. With strategy being the foremost topic of organizations nowadays, performance management has become a crucial part in most organizations’ activities.

This webinar will focus on the process of strategy development, acknowledging the importance of scorecards, the steps used to relay down the strategy to the entire organization, showing how strategy becomes a major factor in creating a performance-based culture, with a case study focusing on the GCC Interconnection Authority.

Main topics covered

  • The Balanced Scorecard;
  • Cascading strategy through culture;
  • Strategy at the corporate & departmental levels;
  • Case study: strategy development at the GCC Interconnection Authority.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand how to develop scorecards at the corporate & departmental levels;
  • Acknowledge the effects of the implementation of strategy on an organization’s culture;
  • Get insights from success stories;

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