Building a performance culture

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Given today’s hyper-competitiveness and the growing technology adoption and diffusion, cultivating a dynamic and productive culture represents a key area in which leaders can generate long-term competitive advantage.
This course supports professionals in developing capabilities to build and maintain an effective performance-based culture. Assimilating key concepts, using practical tools, establishing viable initiatives, you will learn how to engage employees in driving and achieving performant results.
To successfully reach the desired state of evolution, this course assists you in leading a culture of excellence by offering solutions to implementing a rigorous performance-based system.

3 Key business benefits

  • Ensure consistency and alignment between your organization’s needs and the employees’ actions within the company;
  • Positively influence your employees’ behavior by developing a well-defined, performance oriented work frame;
  • Rapidly and successfully achieve a performance culture by implementing key techniques.

5 Benefits

  • Achieve a clear understanding of performance culture within your organization;
  • Improve your organization’s overall results by identifying the areas related to performance culture which need to be strengthened;; 
  • Develop the existing culture towards performance by establishing specific actions and initiatives to be implemented;  
  • Acquire a structured approach for building a performance culture;
  • Increase your employees’ performance by highlighting the behaviors and actions that lead to a performance culture.

Learning objectives

  • Comprehend the way in which organizational culture can impact your business;
  • Determine the key factors of influence in a performance culture;;  
  • Identify 3 main actions that can help you achieve a performance culture; 
  • Explore viable initiatives for a performance culture at all business level;
  • Implement the needed systems, technologies and procedures when it comes to performance culture.


The Learning Assessment Quiz will take place at the end of the second day of training.

 Day 1 –Nurturing performance culture through the work environment

 Performance culture in the organizational context

  • Performance culture essentials;
  • Importance of building a performance culture;
  • Attributes of an organizational culture oriented towards performance.

 Factors which impact performance culture

  • Technology used in the daily working routine;
  • Demographic factors;
  • Activity: Identify physical components from the work environment which can enhance performance.

 Steps in building a performance culture

  • Engagement;
  • Evaluation;
  • Rewards and appraisal.

 Performance culture reflected through systems and procedures

  • Openness towards innovation;
  • Policies and systems for lean flows;
  • Activity: Select the right KPIs for generating performance.


 Day 2 – Achieving a performance culture through continuous development

 Organizational development

  • Awareness of market placement;
  • Realistic predictions based on organizational potential;
  • Activity: Develop communication plans in order to enhance performance.

 Departmental and team development

  • Group results appraisal;
  • Bounded working teams;
  • Activity: Practice managing low performant working groups.

 Developing employees for performance

  • Achieved performance vs. desired performance;
  • Activity: Select employees and training based on performance;
  • Leading employees towards performance.

 Review and Learning assessment quiz 

  • Course review;
  • Learning assessment quiz;

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